To date we have made around 200+ unique flavors. We always offer an assortment of ever changing varieties, made from natural ingredients, using nuts, fruits, vegetables, flowers, cheese, herbs, berries and spices.

In addition to this we have our staple flavors, which consist of Pistachio, Chocolate, Brown Cheese, Salted Caramel, Vanilla, Matcha, Coffee, Liquorice, Raspberry, Passionfruit, Vegan Vanilla Coconut and Vegan Chocolate.


We started as a popup, which quickly evolved into a larger operation, consisting of several temporary locations, a food truck and an ice cream bicycle. After years of running around town, Ice Crime finally settled down in our very own brick and mortar shop in the neighbourhood of Grynerløkka in Oslo.

In 2019 the space was combined with the infamous waffle concept Haralds Vaffel. This has opened a huge range of waffle and ice cream combinations, and additions like donuts, deep fried ice cream, waffle soft serve, and homemade waffle cones. The shop is currently rated as Oslo’s #1 dessert destination


Olaf Ryes Plass 3A
0552 Oslo, Norway

Our hours

14-19:00  Mon-Fri
11-19:00  Sat-Sun

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